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white geared tote


Consider this a shallow post about a not-so-shallow canvas tote.

Consumerism, you had me at how much?

Or more importantly, how good?


According to Forbes, you’ve 7 seconds to make a first impression. Crucially, a good impression which let’s face it, any girl worth her Chanel will size up your selfie/shoe/bag game before you’ve sat down .

Put simply, my state-of-emergency skin is letting the statement accessory side down.

Cue the arsenal:

 Almond Mylk, raw and nutrient dense, packed with anti-oxidants and wrinkle fighters, lashings on my cereal, tastes nice.

Aesop, the international instagram signal for you-know-your-shit. And a potent formula of hydration which goes by the name Geranium balm.

The DNA Serum. Do I ever leave the house without my door keys and DNA serum? No. Don’t be fooled by the uber-plain packaging, this miracle nectar packs some serious firming, plumping, hydrating punch.

Resting bitch face continues whilst I wait for the white goods to kick in.

L x


{craving} decembering

flatlay creme de la mer and porter magazine

Think I’ve got December flu.

Over worked partied. Overdrawn. So Over this weather.

Thankfully the e-commerce elves are on my side. A wishlist and an Amex prayer later and I’ve a rescue parcel already winging it’s way #nextdaysleigh.

Luxe good to me. Hurry. Gimme gimme.

L x



CANDLE Crème De La Mer | CLEANSING MASQUE Aesop | BODY GEL Aesop | PORTER Magazine | NAIL POLISH Shifting Powder + Luxedo both Essie | MARBLE RING Lele Sadoughi

lornaluxe type

{inspiration} l u x e sundaze

flatlay of coffe and cereal magazine


flatlay of luxe stuff


Sunday thoughts… ‘Nail polish on my fingernails: chips off when I sneeze. Nail polish on my toenails: survives a nuclear war’

…but first, coffee.

L x



CEREAL Magazine | CANDLE Diptque | NAIL POLISH Dior | EAU DE PARFUM Byredo | HAND SOAP Aesop

cereal magazine and diptyque candle